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Freecoil is a cyberpunk hacking roguelite where you can only move by shooting.

Hack into an evil corporation's security systems in this retro-futuristic look at what people in the 80's thought "cyberspace" would look like. Jump from one memory location to another, each time altering your experience in cyberspace. Beware unintended consequences...

Along the way, find new hacking tools (weapons) that you can combine to dramatically change how the game feels to play. Experiment with different combinations to become unstoppable!

Install instructions

Download/extract the zip file to a new directory and run Freecoil.exe. I think the game is easiest with mouse/keyboard but it should work fine with a controller (tested with XBone and PS4 controllers).


freecoil-win-early.zip 30 MB
Version 1 Oct 22, 2018

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